CBI CBI Theater - The left-hand symbol represents China and is the sun surrounded by 12 points for each hour in the traditional Chinese day. The star symbolizes the "Star of India". The red, white, and blue represent the United States. Worn since 1942 it was offically adopted on 13 November 1944.

 Ledo Road (red) Ledo Road - The winding road proceeds through Burma to China (represented by the sun). The three stars represent the three countries involved: China, Burma, and India. Approved for local wear only. Two different versions were worn, one with stars on red field and the other, more common, stars on blue field.

 SEAC Southeast Asia Command - A Phoenix rising from the fire. Most likely worn by only a few officers who held positions in this command of which CBI was a part. British Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten commanded.

These symbols were rarely seen in the field. The CBI insignia was officially approved one month after the theater was split in two. Ledo Road insignia was approved for local wear only.

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