The appearance of a new book titled Male Call (Simon & Schuster, $1) introduces civilian readers for the first time to a cartoon strip done by Milton Caniff, creator of Terry and the Pirates. Male Call is drawn exclusively for the Camp Newspaper Service, whose readers prefer cartoons a little lustier than the civilian versions. Male Call is lustier, all right. It is also bustier.

   Heroine of Male Call is a magnificient figure of a girl called simply Miss Lace, who leads a hard but interesting life, prefers enlisted men and calls them all "general" or "admiral." Miss Lace knows her way around. After 14 months among them she can easily outwit and literally hold off a whole army, navy and marine corps of overeager GIs. They all love her, nevertheless, for the reasons shown on this page.

 LIFE Magazine - June 4, 1945
LIFE'S COVER:  War loan drives have marked big events in this war. The First came just after North African invasion, the Second with Doolittle raid, the Third after invasion of Italy, the Fourth just before Marshalls invasion, the Fifth with Normandy, the Sixth with Battle of the Bulge. The Seventh sees one war won, another to be fought - bitterly, expensively and with the help of the Seventh War Loan for which America's military leaders eloquently plead on this week's special cover. (Click cover to enlarge).

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Adapted from "Speaking of Pictures" in the June 4, 1945 issue of LIFE.

Portions copyright 1944 Milton Caniff

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