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General Joseph W. Stilwell

  “The main purpose of this paper is to keep the command informed of what is going on at home and in the other theaters of war. We are a long way out, the mail is slow, and all censors are crabs, so the Roundup should help materially to fill in the gaps. It's your paper, so feel free to contribute to it if you have a gripe, write a letter to the editor if you can run the paper better than he can, tell him so, but watch out that he doesn't put you on the staff and make you prove it. He is looking for ideas and if he can't find them, the Roundup won't be quite what we want it to be - the most readable sheet in the Far East.
  This is a good chance for me to say to all of you that I am proud to have such a gang to work with. I know what you all want - some action - and I am doing my best to make it come out that way. Meanwhile, we've got to have patience and continue to build up what you have already started so well now - a reputation for efficiency, energy, and good behavior. Remember that we are not at home; we are guests in foreign lands, among people whose customs and traditions are radically different from ours but not, for that reason, necessarily wrong. We can learn a lot from them. We must all remember that we are constantly under observation as representatives of the United States of America and it should be our ambition to leave behind us the impression that we have lived up to what is expected from us in that capacity, both by our Allies and our own people. I know you'll do it.
  Best of luck, and a good send-off for the Roundup.”    J. W. STILWELL