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  Share Your Roundup !

  These pages were created using original CBI Roundup newspapers, like the one shown at right, that were published from September 1942 to April 1946. (Note: These stories are not from the small Ex-CBI Roundup magazines which were published after the war.)
  If you have one or more of the original newspapers or similar CBI history, please consider sharing that history via the Internet with others interested in the CBI Theater.  Parting with your piece of history is not necessary, as photographs, photocopies or scans of the original can be used.  Issues from the dates shown below are needed:
1942      SEP 17

1943      MAY 06

1946      JAN 17    FEB 21

  All issues from 1944 and 1945 have been re-created online. To send an e-mail for more information or with details of your CBI memorabilia click here.